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DJ Khaled Claims Cringe-Worthy EDC Concert Was ''Sabotaged''

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DJ Khaled Claims Cringe-Worthy EDC Concert Was ''Sabotaged''

DJ Khaled isn't taking the blame for his 2017 EDC performance. 

The rapper took the stage at the Las Vegas festival over the weekend for a less than impressive performance that had fans booing and chanting for the next DJ (Yellowcard) to come on stage.

However, Khaled took to Instagram today, claiming his sound was broken and he was "sabotaged."

"They cut my time short and they had me back stage for a hour and half and the sound kept breaking," he captioned a video from the performance. "Then I heard my fans and I said I'm go out even if the sound cuts off and even if they cut my time short...I'm here for my fans even if the sound man and promoter don't have there stuff together I forgive them thoe love is the [key.]"

1 minggu yang lalu via E!Online
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