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Jay Z teases new album with ‘Adnis’ clip

Jay Z teases new album with ‘Adnis’ clip Jay Z will release his new album ‘4:44’ later this month.

Jay Z’s thirteenth album, 4:44, will be released on June 30 but it will be an exclusive to Tidal, his streaming service, and Sprint, who owns 33% of Tidal.

So, if you like to buy your music through iTunes or Amazon or stream it from one of those two services or Spotify, you’re out of luck, at least for some period of time. Prince tried this gambit with one of his albums and it seriously limited the sales but it looks like Jay Z is desperate to draw more people to his Tidal service and, after so many huge successes, he may not care about the sell through for the new album.

A short snippet of the song Adnis was released on Sunday night:

2 bulan yang lalu via music-news
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