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Why Viola Davis Is Queen of the Red Carpet

Why Viola Davis Is Queen of the Red Carpet

Viola Davis' style is brilliant in its simplicity. Not in a little-to-no-effort way, but simple as in there is a clear focus.

Based on her best looks over the years, it's clear that the How to Get Away With Murder star pays attention to silhouettes, necklines, hues and fabrics. She isn't trying to go viral on the carpet. She's just trying to find and wear the most flattering, high quality gown for her figure, and she nails it every time. 

If you're looking for something to wear to a wedding or upscale event, Viola's fashion is the perfect inspiration. She's classic, meaning you can look at an outfit she wore in 2012 and wear something similar tomorrow. She's also the master of what's flattering: cinched waistlines, necklines that accentuate her toned shoulders and décolletage and colors that complement her complexion. You can learn a lot from this star's wardrobe.

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