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Arrange Marrage [Jemi Movie] Ep 5

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woah 19 coments :]:] i nearly fainted YET AGAIN... meanwhile with Demi Demi: (runs in her house, runs up to her room and lays flat on her bed) deep inside you Selena your a witch working for Taylor, youve used me, youve always wonted to no my biggest secret but i never told you. The net with Taylor's been going on for 4 years ever since the accident (sniffs and goes into her bathroom) after school with Joe Joe: (running down the basketball field when his phone beeps, answers it breathing heavy from running) hello? Jm: hunnie, Demi's missing Joe: WHAT!! why would i care? Jm: Joe just come home NOW (hangs up) Joe: goddd!!!!!!!!!!!! with Joe minuets later Joe: (walks in Demi's house) hello? Dm: (crying) Joe (hugs him) Joe: (thinking) oh jeez Dm: can you help us please (sniffs) Joe: have you looked everywhere? Dm: (nods) Jm: (hugs Dm) Joe go check Demi's room again Joe: (groans and goes upstairs) hello Demi? Lovato? (goes in the bathroom and looks around) come out come out where ever your not (chuckles alittle) oh come on Demi your mum's worried (goes back into her room and see's a note) well that's a start (picks it up) with Demi Demi: (knocks on ?? house) ??: (opens the door) Demi? what are you doing here? Demi: can i stay here for alittle while Zac (sniffs) Zac: (let's her in) sure anything for my little sis (hugs her and kisses her hair) Demi: (wraps her arms around his neck) Zac: (picks her up and sits her on his knee, he's on the couch) tell me what happened Demi: Selena....Taylor (sniffs) i have to get married (cries in his neck) i can't take it anymore Zac: (strokes her hair) look little sis, you keep to many things locked up in here (taps her head) Demi: (nods) Vanessa: (walks in) Zac? Demi? Zac: hi Nessa.....can you get those bags from outside please? Vanessa: sure (smiles) Demi: i don't mean to keep them locked up, i just (sniffs) don't wont everyone to worry about me Zac: it's okay babe Vanessa: (walks back in) Zac, your mum just phoned, her and your dad are visiting for 2 days Demi: (head shots up) daddys coming (smiles) Zac: i guess so Demi: and is Sara? Zac: you have to get along with her Demi: (smiles) ofcourse, can i use your phone please (smiles) Zac: (nods) with Dm Jm: Diana im sure she's just out getting air Dm: (sniffs and cries more) Jm: (phone rings) ill get it (answers it) hello? Demi: hello, is my mum there? Jm: Demi? Dm: (sniffs) Demi give me the phone (gets it off Jm) Demi Demi Demi are you ok are you hurt? Demi: mum im fine, im with Zac Dm: who's Zac hunnie? Demi: daddies other families son Dm: why are you there baby? Demi: (shrugs and sighs) just for a couple of days Dm: okay babygirl (smiles) what am i going to do without your smoothies Zac: (yells from the livingroom) did i hear smoothies Demi: (giggles) i don't no mum (to Zac) get ya own Dm: im glad your having fun Demi: (nods) just a couple of days mummy Dm: okay, you be safe Jm: remember Dems the weddings in 3 weeks Demi: (sighs) ill try to forget Dm: (laughs) that's my girl Joe: im going to see Taylor bye (leaves Dm house) Demi: what was HE doing there? Dm: that's not a nice way to talk to your feonce Demi: (groans) not funny Zac: DEMI, ME AND NESSA WONT SOME SMOOTHIES Vanessa: CAN I HAVE CHOCOLATE Zac: I WONT VANILLA YUMMMMMIE Demi: (giggles) i better go mum, love you bye (hangs up and turns to Zaneesa) im on it (giggles) so what do you guys think? whos your fav charator? whats gonna happen next? coment,rate,sub Jessicaxx
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